Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Trump and Kim trade Penis Envy Missile Shots…World holds its Collective Breath for next 9 Months

WikiLeekZ is Our Name...Satire is Our Game

WikiLeekZ reports that…in a See What I’ve Got message to the North Korean Leader, Trump launched a cascade of big, phallic-shaped exploding missiles on Syria.

In response to Trump, and to adoring masses and parading soldiers, Kim shows off his colossal array of long and powerful rockets ready to explode with huge orgiastic symbolism.  
*Goose-stepping soldiers looked adoringly at Kim while his phallic projectiles were paraded, one can only imagine the devastating power of his Penis Envy.

Not to be out-done by Kim’s display of Manhood, Trump put to bed for good the rumor of his small hands-small penis problem when he explodes MOAB, the biggest bomb explosion in history (short of a nuclear bomb) scattering his Seeds of Destruction throughout the land and once again proving his devastating Manhood.

And then, *within days of Trump showing us just how big his is with that Moab strike in Afghanistan, Kim of Pyongyang tested a new missile of its own. Although it reportedly exploded prematurely on launch.

For a feminine perspective on all of this ‘I’ll show you Mine if You Show Me Yours’ schoolboy dust up, WikiLeekZ turns to anti-nuclear advocate, Helen Caldicott who wrote in Missile Envy, the Arms Race and Nuclear War…

“I recently watched a filmed launching of a MX missile. It rose slowly out of the ground surrounded by smoke and flames…and elongated into the air. It was indeed a very sexual sight and when armed with the 10 warheads, it will explode with the most mighty orgasm”.

WikiLeekZ is NOT the NEWZ, But May Be Someday


** Matthew Norman @IndyVoices


  1. Yeah i like games related to missile .. great

  2. Yeah i like games related to missile .. great

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